Aspire to Inspire

I started this blog for a reason, I want to share the things in this world that I love with everyone else. I want the things that inspire me to be more than just things. I want to share those incredible things with everyone else. 
But this post isn't going to be like any other thus far. Today I have no recipe to share or book that might brighten your day. Today I only have the words streaming through my head to share in hopes that you too might be inspired
We are given one life. We have this one really big shot to take it all in and experience it all. So why do so many of us choose to live it in fear and weighed down?
The future has been a constant thought treading the paths of my mind. But it isn't a heavy thought. Before I can begin to take a step forward I've had to stop myself and consider what I want. When it is just me laying in bed what will make me happy? What do I dream about having?
Some day I want a family to come home to. I want someone to share my life with. But I don't want to live for the some day. 
Every day you converse with another person you leave a mark on them. The words that we speak to others can breathe life into them or tear them down. And somewhere, at some point, someone is going to be watching us to see just how we are doing it. 
We do it every day. We unknowingly compare our lives to others. We consider what they have in accordance to what we want or think we need. 
So today I challenge you to do more. Share grace and love with the world. Don't take a second of life for granted. If you can dream it go for it. Don't spend your life wishing you had someone else's. Go for it. 
We have an incredible chance. And every second we are still here is a chance to do more, change more and live better. 
Dream big, laugh often and love with a capacity that knows no bounds. You'll not only bring a light upon your own life but you'll help shine one on someone else's.

Promise yourself to live your life as a revolution and not just a process of evolution.
- Anthony J. D'Angelo

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