Melody or Melancholy

I am quickly exhausting all my initial ideas. And thus the cycle of what new thing to write about will begin very quickly. However, while I am still at the beginning phase of this blog I figure why not post a ton. 
I've wanted to find a piece of music to recommend to you all. But I realize that I would be branding myself in a way with that particular artist. And I also realize that my musical selection is far too large to narrow it down to one. So before I get lost farther in this stream of consciousness I will step back to what I do want to share. 
Have you ever thought about what you could learn about a person just by merely looking at their top 25 played songs on itunes? Now I do have to say that for me it isn't always the most accurate count of what I listen to during the day because I have a sleep playlist that generally takes charge on top played. But besides that point, it says a lot about a person. Five minutes reading this playlist would tell you far more about where a person is in their life vs. a five minute conversation.
Don't believe me? Check out some of the celebrity playlists on itunes. You would be surprised. Some of the playlists spoke more volumes than a novel ever could and were very disturbing at that. 
We surround ourselves with our emotions. We search for the things we can relate to in our place of life. Our choice in novels, movies, friends, music all relates back to who we are as a person. A part of who we are becomes the reflection of what we surround ourselves with. So I'll share with you my top 25 played tonight. Some of the songs are my happy music, others represent the melody I love, and some just happen to be played more frequently in the sleep cycle that others. But it is your peek into something else. 
You want to know someone, know what they surround themselves with and then take a deeper look.

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