The beauty's in the story.

History. It can define us, encourage us or be something we completely neglect to acknowledge but it exists.  Rare paintings, sculptures and pieces of jewelry aren't purchased merely because of their beauty but their story. You have a story.
Somedays, I think we get so caught up in the idea of the "some day" that we neglect the today (yes, cliche I know). The point is, we read the stories that make up our history, we share the stories that make up others but do we ever stop to think we have a hand in making our own history? If I only think of the diploma someone will hand me over a year from now what am I going to look back on and regret?
We have an incredible opportunity to experience life. Every morning we wake up is a new slate. Every second we breathe is a new moment to try something. We have an incredible freedom. 
My thoughts for the day summed up, don't just study history, make some. It doesn't come back around. 

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