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New blog!

Hey everyone! I've started a new blog. I'm going to try to get more regular in posting on both. Check it out and make sure to follow both so you can stay up to date!




Meet me in St. Louis

 As you all know, I love to travel. I'm always looking for a reason to hop on a plane and go explore a new city or to take a drive with my stereo blaring on the way to a new adventure. Recently, my travels haven't been too crazy. Mostly, between my home and my parent's place in Florida. However, I was finally afforded the opportunity to visit my best friend in her home town. Now I've been to St. Louis a few times so you won't not the arch or the cardinals field and things that I've seen before. This time we took a trip to the St. Louis Zoo and Ted Drewes, which I've been craving for a year. I apologize in advanced for the quality, I forgot my camera at home and was left with my phone. But I hope you enjoy! And let me know where you've got plans to go.

- S

Isn't he cute?



As per usual, I've been traveling a ton lately, which can make eating clean and healthy harder. It also means catching up with friends is a must in between trips. So to make my waist, budget and lifestyle all agree, I've invited some friends over for dinner tonight. Cooking and eating in means I save money and know the quality of food my body is taking it. Winning all around! Here are the recipes we are trying out tonight:
                                                      Risotto-Style Barley & Asparagus

                                                Fennel, Mustard & Lemon-Crusted Salmon

Hopefully, they turn out as delicious as they look! If you have any suggestions for dishes you love that I should try, let me know. :)



Chicken Paillard

Tonight's adventure in clean eating: chicken paillard. I substituted the spinach in my fridge for the chard and the shallots for onion. Next time I'll use a little less lemon in the sauce but overall it was good and filling. I even have more for a meal tomorrow. Eating clean isn't a diet but a lifestyle. I'm making strides every day. This was tonight's adventure. Stay tuned for more as I begin this journey!


New year. New me.

It's been a crazy year looking back. Graduating college, getting a job, changing jobs, moving cities... the list goes on and on. But as I make my life in a new location one of my goals is to build a better me. From my walk with God, to my exercising, and to my body. So I've stocked my fridge with fresh fruits, vegetables, and clean meats. And I'm making it a goal to change my life. I'm trying a new church this week and spending time focusing on myself. At the end of the day, I have to live with me and I want to be the best me I can be.



Coachella 2012 (delayed travel pictures)

(Credit to Lauren Zandstra)