Not making the cut.

              Every fall networks do their best to recoup their series losses and get back in the game. Some come out great with their attempts to replace fan loved shows like the CW's Arrow, NBC's the New Normal or ABC's Nashville. But then there are many shows that don't make the cut.
              Now as a tv viewer, I feel obliged to give every show at least 2 episodes before I cut my own losses. However, some times I can't even make it through the first. So what shows are being cut with only 13 episodes? Here's what I've learned so far.

- The Mob Doctor: Last's years attempt to fill gaps where Bones was off air lead FOX to creating The Finder, the former's spin off. However, that was a failure and left FOX with more tv room to fill. Thus, we get The Mob Doctor. Personally, I never gave it a chance. It didn't seem like it had much to offer me. Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so. FOX has given the show it's 13 episode run to finish it's story (tvline).

- Emily Owens, MD: This year the CW decided to branch out from it's normally rampant teenage drama to a medical show with more than 2 doctors. But we already have Grey's Anatomy? So it's little wonder why this show is also singing it's swan song with a mere 13 episodes as well. (tvline)

- 666 Park Avenue: No one network seems to be without fault this season, as ABC's attempt to fill the once glamourous spot of Housewives will soon be void again. The network has cancelled this scandalous New York apartment drama leaving show creators in a bind to answer questions with whatever is left from it's 13 episodes. (tvline)

- Partners: It seems One Tree Hill alums aren't catching a break this season as Sophia Bush's new project has been cut ending at 13 episodes as well. This short lived comedy had great potential. Unfortunately, CBS seems to believe otherwise and has given the show its final orders.

              But fear not television lovers, many networks have new shows that have yet to start their seasons. The CW will present The Carrie Diaries soon, while USA's original shows will be starting up again as well. With every fall comes the opportunity to discover a new world of excitement but unfortunately not every show has a life as long as day time soaps.