Nothing new to post about tonight. I decided to leave a bread crumb trail to my other blog. Enjoy! =)


Something Old

As a college student if there is one topic I can relate to it is lack of funds. Or as my mother puts it, my bank account isn't quite aware that it is rich yet. Either way, some times it is all you can do to rub two pennies together until the next paycheck comes. Meanwhile you feel very music deprived which isn't good either. 
Over the years I've collected my fair share of CDs. Some of them I've driven into the ground within the first month of ownership. Others were listened to for a while and haven't reached my ears in quite some time. They've been shoved aside in my itunes library, so to speak, and haven't racked up any play time in a while. My suggestion for today: find that old music. 
You may not have ten dollars to your name but you may have several hundred dollars worth of neglected CDs. I have CDs I never gave much time to, CDs that have been forgotten about and CDs I've over-listened to. So in order to fit my budget I've done something free! Free always fits the budget.
There are plenty of artists I discovered in high school and haven't thought about since. Not only has rediscovering these artists been amazing but it has also brought back some good memories. We grow up so fast that while we are living our very art filled lives we don't always take time to enjoy them. 
Take that time. Scroll through your itunes, ipod or other music collection and find that album. You'll fall in love again with that artist that once resonated constantly in your mind. You'll also save money.
Sometimes you don't need the new. Sometimes the old is even better.

My current album:
Chasing Cars
(I'm addicted to it currently)