The First Line

Every story has that first line. The one that enthralls you and keeps you coming back for more. Every writer wants their first line to find that space inside the read that just resonates bringing them deeper into the heart of the characters. Well this is that story for me.

I'm a writer, a reader, a daughter, an artist (in a loose sense of the word), a lover (of God and all his creations which is too long to list)... I could continue this pattern but you don't have all day to read now do you? I want the world to be my playground. I want to live every second of this life with all I have.

So that is where you dear reader come in. I want to share it with you. This isn't my first blog. And what exactly this blog will be is not something I'm so sure of yet. But I want a place to share everything I love with the rest of the world. No guarantees though.

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