The Place

I am a Panama City native. Born and raised in this tourist town. For me that means I LOVE local places. If I have a choice between a Starbucks or a local coffee place (like our recently closed Rabbit Hole) I try to pick the local place. This really goes for restaurants. "The Place" is no exception to this rule.
"The Place" is my recommendation of the day. It's located in a historic downtown with a feel that I absolutely adore. This local restaurant has been one of my favorites places to get a good and reasonably priced meal since high school. They make incredible sweet potato fries. Or if you are picky like some of my friends the chicken melt is always a plus.
Today I got their Jenks Burger (bacon cheeseburger for all of you non-locals). It was the monday special. My meal with tip was less than 10 dollars which is in my budget. =) It is the first time I've tried their burgers, and I was very satisfied with my order. And so far I haven't had a meal I didn't like.

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