Food = Art

The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one. Well today I have a confession to make: I am a Food Network addict. Well I feel much better now. But in all seriousness I do love food network. As I am writing this post the food network channel plays in my peripheral vision. 
I LOVE to try new recipes though. And I have two male best friends that are my willing guinea pigs. So today I want to share a recipe with you that I am in love with. 
The other day Paula Deen did a segment on desserts. And this dish is one I recommend: White Chocolate-Coconut Cookies. Now I make A LOT of desserts. It is really rare though that I find one that I am in love with. This is one of them though. It is so simple to make. The only I had a little issue doing was melting the white chocolate for dipping. I recommend a little kyro syrup to make it smooth and a little water if it gets too brittle. I also warn that it's best to use a fork or only dip one end in the chocolate because it gets really HOT as I learned the hard way. But these cookies make for a nice, decadent snack. Good with tea, coffee or a small after dinner sweet-tooth quencher.  So that is my recommendation for the day. However, if you are trying to lose weight do not make these; you won't be able to stop eating them. =)

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