Laugh a little, or a lot.

There are some days when I just want to get lost in a book. I want to escape the ever crowding reality that is my own life and release my mind into the world of another. So I grab a book off my bookshelf, start a pot of coffee, curl up into some pillows and place my phone on the opposite side of the room (sorry kj). 
Picking the book can be hard. Sometimes I'm ready to dive into a new story. I long to meet new characters and challenge my mind to imagine a world new to its boundaries. Other days, well I just don't want the newness. There are those days that I just want comfort because I need to know how it all ends. On those days the world doesn't make since there is one particular series that always makes me smile.
 Miss Match (Lauren Holbrook Series, Book 1)
The Lauren Hollbrook Series by Erynn Mangum is most certainly one of them. Miss Match is the first in this 3 novel series. And you can ask my roommate from freshmen year, I was laughing from the beginning. Mangum writes a very witty but relatable girl with Laurie. The novel is a mix between Pride and Prejudice and Emma. What girl couldn't use a little Jane Austen to brighten her day?
Laurie has taken on matchmaking tendencies as a hobby, all the while inhaling coffee at every chance and figuring out that maybe she doesn't know as much about God as she thinks.  Erynn Mangum did a great job writing this novel. She leaves you with a smile on your face and an urgency for coffee or something chocolate laced
So for any girl who needs a pick-me-up or a modern relation of a Jane Austen classic this is my recommendation for today. Grab your coffee or dr. pepper (or water if that is all you drink like my best friend) and dive into the "the fast-changing and multifaceted world of Lauren Emma Hollbrook". Trust me, you'll feel better. =)

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  1. Great post, Miss Savannah! be sure to that book back to school with you! :)