Symphony of Life

Music is an incredible thing. Some days when words fail even the most savvy and loquacious writer, the swell of a stringed quartet or a hum of a rotary organ touches the emotions that words can't seem to explain. But finding music that meets these exceeding requirements is beyond rare
Some times I'll buy an album and it will take me months to find time to listen to it. Other times it will be the most played thing in my ears for weeks. And I honestly can't say I've listened to every piece of music my itunes collection holds. There are quite a few albums that I've mistakenly bought.
But there is something about music that does more than words. We connect to it in a way that transcends beyond our imaginations. We could read the lyrics to a song but it is still missing something. We connect to the emotion. We connect to the memory.
Some of my favorite albums are just that because of the memories I have with them. There are some artists that I just don't listen to for the same reason. But whatever season we are in we have a symphony.
I love putting my ipod of shuffle. Most days it becomes a dangerous thing. But then there are other days when the right song illuminates the place within me I've been searching to explain. 
Today I encourage you to find that symphony. Cut out the world, put those headphones in and get lost in rhythm of the notes. Figure out what background music you would have playing in your life. Some times the tone says it all.

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(an old favorite)

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  1. Dead on, again! and loquacious is my favorite word, fyi! :)