Look A Little Closer

I LOVE rainy weather. I'm from Florida, the sunshine state, so maybe this is just life's irony. Perhaps I should move somewhere that provides more of this weather. Or maybe it is just because growing up you learn to make peace with hurricanes. They provide you with days out of school. What kid doesn't love that? If I can't have a snow day then please provide me with something else. However, my love for this particular weather is not the complete source of this post.
I'm learning not to be a person who speaks merely because she has a voice, or because I have internet access. So whether or not I'm providing you with information that makes you think I am unaware. However, please take heart that I am trying to make the correct use of my words. 
This afternoon, as I was staring out my rather large window which overlooks our driveway, I was thinking about how much I love this weather. But I was also thinking about how it is beautiful in its own way. This lead to think about art and how we deem is something worth of the title ART.
There are times when I believe generally accepted definitions of things are necessary. For example, I would prefer that one doctor have the same definition as every other doctor as to what exactly is cancer. But that is an extreme example. Art and beauty, however cliche, are determined by the beholder
So tonight, in the sleepy little town I know as home, the clouds are think meeting the subtle shades of red claiming the horizon. The rain is intermittent and the traffic is light. But to me it is beautiful. 
Every rain drop is it's own piece of something larger. Looking at the horizon I know that somewhere else in the world a person whom I've yet to meet is sharing the same sky with me. 
We are privy to an incredible world. I bet if you look a little loser you may find something you consider art. Maybe even something you think is beautiful. 

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