I was driving home tonight in one of the most perfect weather nights I have seen since I've been home this summer. My windows were down and flooding through my stereo was a playlist that I've frequented lately.  I clicked through several songs searching for something else when I guess I finally got caught by one. And it wasn't the story of the song, the heart break of a melody or the catchy guitar solo that caught my attention. It was the title of the song. 
My mind went through a series of thoughts before becoming what led me to this blog tonight. For days I've waited for creativity to provide me with something worth speaking about. And whether or not you find it useful tonight I still hope you'll hear it.
At some point every word becomes defined. Every positive or negative connotation that comes by the sheer mention of a word was developed in it's own time. We choose to define words. And our actions define them. But the word that got me thinking tonight: alone.
There is a chill that goes with that word for most of us. Some times pathetic underlies it. Maybe we associate it with someone who is lonely. Or maybe you define it as an escape. But the simplistic meaning  is having no one else around. 
I can do many posts on alone in another context but tonight that isn't what this is about. Tonight I want you to think about how you define things. Are the words you are using what you really want to say? Are you defining the words or letting them define you? Maybe start there and then ask yourself what you have to redefine. 


  1. Please tell me you were listening to Glee!? Oh, and great post!

  2. sorry to disappoint hayden. it was john mayer. thanks!