That Moment

One of my favorite scenes in One Tree Hill comes early in the shows history. It's a rather scandalous scene featuring Lucas, Brooke and an obvious lack of clothing but the conversation surprising stands out strongly. Brooke wants to know if Lucas is aware this is the moment he can look back at and know that was when it all changed. He will be able to pinpoint that moment. 
Being able to find that one moment, that choice or thought that changed it all, is great. But what happens when we stop trying to find the reason to learn from it and become obsessed with it. The new year tends to bring about a time of reflection. We want to know what we liked about it all and what we should have done different. Both tactics are great for learning. But dwelling on them doesn't make it better either.
We have this thirst for knowledge as humans. I will most certainly attest to it. I'm reading the biography of two princes out of my own curiosity. But sometimes I think we get so caught up in the mess of it all that we miss out on the life part. We want to analyze or learn so much that we forget to live.
You can spend the rest of your life trying to figure out "that moment" for yourself but is it worth it if you miss out of the rest of your life. Some times the best thing to do with that moment is be glad it's gone. Life has many more accidental discoveries ahead.

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