Observe. Cherish. Remember.

Today my best friend and I decided to go for a walk on the beach. Surprising, it wasn't cold. It was beautiful and not windy. But most important it was an adventure. 
I think life is full of little adventures. On ours we found a jellyfish. We spent a good 20 minutes playing chicken with the rising tide trying to maneuver it so we could actually get a good look at it. Granted, we could have gone on with life and been okay not taking a second look at the creature but that wasn't the point. It was a small adventure in our day full of laughs. It's something we can look back on fondly and remember. It is a happy moment in between all the ones that seems so bad in the world. 
I see my friends and all the troubles they seem to be facing lately; deep, emotional pains that words can never reach to heal. But I can give them these moments. Moments when we fight the waves with fits of laughter and verbal banter or moments in the car screaming lyrics to ridiculous songs at the top of our lungs. 
There are so many days where I wish I could talk the pain away. As a writer, I wish that I knew the words that would chase the shadows away. But I'm only human. So I do what I can. I find the ways to put a smile on their face and I listen when they need to talk. You may not have the words to fix it but some day they'll look back and remember. They will cherish that moment of laughter and to me that is so much more than words can ever do.

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  1. Thanks, friend. I know I probably wasn't much fun to be around but you still talked to me and made me laugh. I miss you. :)