the review

Several days later having found the time to finish it, I am done with One Day. My review? Well, I will try my best not to provide spoilers.
The writing was wonderful. I enjoyed that the language captured the atmosphere of the placing in which it was portraying. The characters were well developed. I enjoyed learning the new facets of them. I think that seeing the characters through the eyes of each other may have given them more depth, but that is just my opinion. 
I was most certainly thrown for a loop. David Nicholls added a twist I was not ready for. I'm extremely interested to see how this translates to the big screen. Overall? I recommend it. There is profanity, but it isn't as though you are reading the stall in a bathroom. It's neat and not used in means to make up for a lack of a vocabulary. I enjoyed the literally references. It was definitely a good choice.

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