Les Mis Mesmerized

This summer it has been a goal of mine to put a dent in my movie list. Recently, I've been able to check off two of those movies: Singin' in the Rain and Les Miserables. 
I have to say, I am truly amazed at the restoration that has been done on older films. The color quality for Singin' in the Rain was incredible. I always enjoy seeing the original plots that have been redone over and over again. To think about what the writers at the time were thinking, I'm simply amazed. I can only imagine making a film that is considered a classic today. 
As for Les Miserables, I am completely mesmerized. There is no other word that fits my current fascination. After reading several reviews, I under the choice to cast Nick Jonas was risky. However, the bashing that he has endured is definitely not called for. I have not yet had the chance to read the novel, but I am certainly glad I was finally able to see it. Well worth it! Now, I just have to keep putting a dent in this never ending list. 

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