This summer I have become a woman of many talents. Among my weekly schedule: classes, internship and several jobs. However, I'm loving every moment of it all. Tomorrow starts our summer sessions of class so lots of prayer need there.
But today I wanted to share another experience in my life: teaching a child to read. I'm an avid reader. On a good day or even bad, provided the book is good, I can spend the day curled up with a book forgetting the world should even exist outside. I try to read a little bit of everything. Sometimes I am more successful with the task than others but I make the effort to borrow from my best friend since he is more diverse than my typical tastes.
In my adventures though I found myself presented with a task I've never done before. Today I was able to help a child read. Now, I've been the typically babysitter who pops in a movie, chases a child outside or colors until I can't see straight but I have never gotten to teach someone to read before. It was such an incredible experience. There is that moment when the child understands that the world sounds like and the excitement is pure joy. 
I have quite a few things that I want to do in my life some day but I do hope that a piece of that is teaching because that moment was beyond incredible. 

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