Boredom. It can be a frequent identifier of my view of my workout. I just get bored. Videos? I can turn those off. Running? I can just stop. I am the queen of finding an excuse to JUST NOT DO IT. Nike wouldn't appreciate that I imagine. 
Well today I decided to check out Grand Jeté, a locally owned barre fitness facility in Mountain Brook. I loved it! Granted it kicked my butt and as my roommate pointed out the jello legs will only be worse tomorrow, however, I still loved every moment of it. I was entertained, which is important for the queen of excuses and boredom.
Now, I know everyone can't afford to but if you have time give the class a try. Most places offer a free trial class. Scope out the website, grab a friend and a find a time that works for you. Some places even off a student discount (what will I ever do when I'm not in school). 
But whatever you decide to do, try something that works for you. If you love to run, run on! Swim? Be the next Michael Phelps. You can do it. Me? Well I may just have to try a bit of everything to keep entertained. =)

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  1. Great attitude!! Just do it! so very true...

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