Dorm Suite Dorm

A few days ago a friend asked me to checkout a website for her and see what I thought. Being the technology reliant generation we are she posted the link on my facebook wall and off I went on my way.
Dorm Suite Dorm is the name of the site as well as the title of today's entry. The company is target towards college age girls looking to make their dorm rooms not look like a dorm room. From bedding to wall decor to accesorized tools that would make Lorelai Gilmore proud, Dorm Suite Dorm offers a bit of everything to make even the most drab college dorm room look marvelous. They've left out no detail in what they offer boasting stylish tumblers for the on-the-go college girl, hanging photo holders for the budding photographer and even an organizer for hanging scarfs for the accessory obsessed girl in us all. 
But boys need not feel left out because there is an entire line for them as well. The company offers sports targeted lounging pants, go-green friendly accessories such as picture frames and pen holders as well as an organizer for baseball caps. 
Duvets price for $225 with reversible fabric choices for both the guys and girls. The accessories range any where from the teens to the low hundreds. However, everything comes in a variety of looks and has multiple uses helping to maximize the limited dorm room space. 
Since I'm moving off campus soon I only wish that I had known about this several years ago but I encourage you young college kids to check them out. Before you know it YOUR room will be the one every stops to check out on tours. =)

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