Follow Your Dreams

I've had quite a bit of time to think lately. Thoughts about what I want, what I'm doing, and where my life is going. For 22 years, my life has been laid out for me. Granted ages 1-18 weren't much of my choice. Pre-school, kindergarden, elementary, and so on, they are all just a part of the plan. And then you reach high school. The next step is college for some. But then you reach 22. Everything that you've had planned is now done and there isn't anything to check off the list.

So now what? A college degree, an internship, a thesis, and limited work experience, where do you go from here? Where do I go from here?

It's the question I've been circling for weeks. If you could do anything and money didn't matter, what would you do? But it's not the question that is scary, it's the answer. The moment you realize what you want to do in that dream scenario, no other job is satisfactory.

But going after that dream is scary. What if you fail? If you dream big enough, it's not an easy path. You have to be prepared to fall a few times. You have to be prepared for the no's before you get a yes.
One of my favorite quotes says, "No doesn't mean never, it means not now."

So what do you do when you realize your dreams? You fight for them. It's a scary thing to do but it will be worth it. I keep telling myself it will be worth it. I guess we will find out when I accomplish them.

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