The Art of Life

Oh, the holiday season... It's the time of year when we eat too much, spend too much and laugh a lot. We come out of it swearing to never do it again but the next year we land ourselves right back where we started. But thus is the art of life.
At some point in the next 15 hours you'll be ringing in the new year. 2010 will be a calendar awaiting it's turn in the dumpster and 2011 will be roaring ahead whether we like it or not. The question tonight: what will 2011 look like for you?
On the rare occasion I have time to post I talk about some quote, recipe or album I've found. But as incredible as the art that surrounds us there is a work far more intriguing in our lives on a daily basis: ourselves. 
You are art. Your life is a painting with texture and colors you could never imagine. It screams a beauty only designed by the creator. It's an art that we can never master but is an incredible thing to experience.
You can make all kinds of resolutions this year: to climb this mountain, run this race, lose that weight. But whatever you do, don't get so caught up in creating the art that you forget to enjoy the painting. You are the art of your life, enjoy your beauty. =)

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